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Using the BOOK BLURB to Increase Focused Reading

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Literacy Treasures Tip:  Blurb Work Strategy

Using the Book Blurb to Increase Focused Reading!

Using the BOOK BLURB is a quick and simple strategy that can increase focused reading engagement.

I know this sounds so simple but I have seen many readers not utilizing the book blurbs to select books and get to know a text before reading.

This strategy works for any age and reading level with books that include a book blurb on the back of the book or inside the front book jacket or cover.

Readers usually read a book jacket, book blurb on the back cover or read about it online to decide if they want to read the book, but do young readers really KNOW HOW to use the book blurb?

Blurb Work modeled by the teacher

The BOOK BLURB is designed to give just enough information to tell what the story is about and hopefully persuade the reader to read the book.

The blurb also serves another purpose. The book blurb can be read for quick note-taking to get familiar with a text BEFORE actually reading it.

Students need strategies to use when selecting just right books for reading, as well as, strategies for prereading. Students need practice in how to get to know a text before reading.

Students must know how to prepare for reading a fiction book to stay focused on the main ideas and plot of the story by reading the blurb.

Readers can get to know the text and find out what to expect within the pages of the story because the blurb usually provides the reader with the following information:

  1. What is the setting?

  2. Who are the characters? What do we know about them?

  3. What is the possible problem?


Students should understand that the Blurb Work Strategy should only take just a minute or two before reading a new text.

Teachers should model using the blurb of a book to find out what to expect in a text and create a Blurb Work Strategy anchor chart to guide the modeled work and demonstrate quick notetaking about the text.

Have students work in a closely guided work experience (active engagement) to extract information about the setting, possible problem and character information for their independent reading selection.

Students can make quick notes while reading the blurb on a post it note, or you the teacher may wish to use a personally created reader's notebook insert or bookmark.

Blurb Work in a student Reader's Notebook

After readers have used the strategy be sure to have them reflect on how using the Blurb Work Strategy helped them stay more focused on their reading.

There you have it...

A quick little minilesson to guide students in using a BOOK BLURB to get familiar with a text.

Until next time...

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