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My Faves

I've curated a few of my favorite items here.  I love Amazon and receive those boxes weekly.  Here are a few of the items that I would always have in my classroom.

These are Amazon affiliate links, so I want you to know that I may be compensated for any links that you visit from this page.

Go-To Items for Anchor Charts

The chart tablet is PERFECT for Anchor Charts and I would stay stocked up with colored tape.  It's so easy to tape a border around your anchor chart to finish it off. can't just create an anchor chart with any old marker.  I loved these!

Favorite Anchor Chart Supplie
My Favorite Wordless Picture Books

If you've read my post about inferring, you know that I like to use Wordless Picture Books to introduce and practice the process of inferring while reading.  I know that Hugo is not a wordless picture book, but I couldn't leave it's mesmerizing. :)  It's a story told through a combination of words and fascinating illustrations.  Great for older students.

Wordless Picture Books on Amazon
Some Favorite Read Alouds

These are some of my Go To Read Alouds that students have loved!  These are not ALL of my favorites, just some favorites of my 4th and 5th graders over the years

Favorite Read Alouds on Amazon
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