How to Make Plot Structure VISIBLE for Your Readers

Updated: Jan 14

Making plot structure VISIBLE for your readers means using The Story Mountain!

Using a Story Mountain to help readers understand the elements of a narrative and plot structure is an easy and effective way to make plot structure VISIBLE!

If your students are like me, they need to "see it to believe it"!

Let's look at how the plot of a story unfolds using the elements of a narrative.

Large Story Mountain Wall Chart Student Made


The plot structure of a story illustrates the building of tension as events happen through the course of a narrative.

A narrative begins with the author “hooking” the reader in the introduction as he/she introduces the main characters and where and when the story is set—setting

The setting can influence the events of the story and directly affect the characters.

In the introduction, a conflict or problem is revealed with which the main character(s) is (are) struggling.

The characters are involved in a series of events directly related to the conflict as tension builds in the rising action events until the turning point is reached.

This big moment triggers continuing events after the climax (turning point). This series of events in the falling action leads to a resolution.

This resolution is how the problem or conflict is resolved.

Once the problem is solved, the story reaches its conclusion.

Using a story mountain organizer as an anchor chart, large wall chart, in student readers' notebooks, on post its, on the sidewalk, on the playground or wherever will only help students vis