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Reading is Thinking Bookmarks

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Today's tip is...

Sometimes the readers in the classroom need a little spark or boost to keep their hard reading work churning.

Whenever I would visit the school library with my class, the librarian would have a bookmark to give the students as they checked out their books. Their eyes lit up and were head over heels about their new gift!

I've given my students post-it note pads, special pens, special book boxes, reader's notebooks and all things glittery and shiny to decorate those boxes and notebooks. BUT those things cost mucho dinero when you're buying 30 or more!

I think my librarian was on to something! I can print out a bookmark for just pennies per student! That fits right into a teacher budget! AND....the best part...students LOVE it just as much as the notebooks and book boxes they get to decorate with all those fantastic things.

A bookmark is a great place to stuff some content that you are teaching. It's a fantastic little vessel. The information has to be small, bite-sized chunks and not a whole lot can fit on one little bookmark. It's the perfect amount of info for those little reading minds to process.

Take a look at this little nugget--Reading is Thinking Bookmarks! Hopefully, this will work for you too! Just click on the gallery to see what all is included. You will find the link to this product on Teachers Pay Teachers below. Just click on the product cover.

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