The Conferring Guide for Reading Test Prep EVERY Teacher MUST Have

In a previous post about Test Prep, I discussed 5 Key Teaching Points for a Test Prep Unit ​of Study. These key teaching points are intended to be objectives for the minilessons that lead to independent reading.

Just like during good ole everyday Readers' Workshop, you still confer with students during a Reading Test Prep Unit of Study. The conferring points are based on the key teaching points of the lessons.

When we confer with students on a daily basis during workshop, teachers aim to get to the issues and struggles that students are having within their independent reading and guide students through those struggles.

Conferring Points During Reading Test Prep

During Test Prep for a standardized reading test, we still confer with students to help guide them through the complexity of navigating a testing passage and applying what they have learned to this standardized genre.

The conferring conversations and conferring points are aligned with the 5 key teaching points seen below and discussed further in a previous post here, 5 Key Teaching Points for a Test Prep Unit of Study.

1️⃣ Readers get to know the text before reading to get the big picture

2️⃣ Readers annotate the text to create a 'road map' for question answering

3️⃣ Readers preview the text by reviewing the questions to set a purpose

4️⃣ Readers are familiar with the different types of questions that tests are asking

5️⃣ Readers must justify their answers in order to choose the best possible answer to multiple-choice questions