6 Activities to Make Student Growth VISIBLE for Year End Celebration

Updated: Jan 14

Do you want standardized testing scores to define your students’ growth and progress in reading and writing? I didn’t think so!

Tests don't illustrate the true growth and potential of our students.

Test scores aren’t the complete picture of a reader and a writer. We shouldn’t let standardized testing scores define a student’s growth and progress in literacy. Let’s face it…some kids are not going to receive the scores they want to receive on state tests.

Isn’t it great to see student faces light up when they recognize their growth as a reader and writer. You know the look—whether it’s dancing around the room, the ever-popular “YES!” with fist pump, of course, or the bashful, shy, face-turning-red-from-embarrassment smile. Those looks are priceless!

Let’s help students see their growth without THAT test score clouding their vision!

The end of the year is always a time for a celebration of ALL growth no matter how big or how small it may be.

Have students look through their reading and writing notebooks to see where they were a year ago and reflect on where they are now.

Students could easily complete this reflective project on white construction paper and sticky notes to write down reflections about themselves about readers and writers. If you are looking for a quick printable, click on the blank image above to download a FREE letter-sized form.