5 Key Teaching Points for Every Reading Test Prep Unit of Study

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

You know I'm all about reflecting on your teaching practices...so here's a reflective question...

What's your endgame as an educator?

Successful test-takers or Thoughtful Readers

Testing Season Stresses Me Out!

Testing season is near and teachers are ready to take on the challenge while not sacrificing personal convictions and philosophies about literacy instruction. BUT...it's hard sometimes. Admins are talking NUMBERS all the time. Your practice scores are not really where you want them to be.

Don't stress over it!

Reflect on what all you've taught and all that your students

have accomplished this school year.

  1. You've taught students to monitor their own comprehension.

  2. You've taught students to follow characters through the plot of a story.

  3. You've taught students to use text features.

  4. You've taught students to make relevant inferences.

  5. You've taught students to draw conclusions based on text evidence.

  6. You've taught students to think about and analyze text.

  7. You've taught students to....

  8. You've taught students to...

  9. You've taught students to... You can fill in the blanks with so much more!

SO...now testing season is the time to teach students how to apply all of those strategies and skills to a NEW GENRE OF TEXT...Standardized Reading Passages.

Reading standardized passages is different than just choosing a piece of text we want to read. Readers need to know HOW to approach this new genre.

But How Do I Teach Testing Genre Without Sacrificing My Literacy Instructional Time