How to Create the PERFECT Reading Response Plan to SKYROCKET Your Students' Written Responses

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The question that looms over many school districts, schools and classrooms…

How do we get our students to write analytical responses to reading?


I think…

Naturally, students have to be able to craft a well written, cohesive piece of writing that conveys a clear message.

Simple, right?!

Oh…and they must be able to develop their thinking about their reading beyond the text. Again, simple, right?!

So, how do I build student learning through the

school year to compose a text-dependent analysis?


When the school year begins, students must discover, learn and practice taking writing through the writing process.

If students do not understand the process of writing, it will be hard to craft a well written piece of writing that conveys a clear message.

So, with that, we must start preparing students to be thoughtful writers that employ craft strategies to prepare a cohesive published piece.


Now, while students are discovering, learning and practicing the writing process while employing strategies to craft together a well-written published piece, they m