How To Engage Your Readers In Writing Long About Their Reading Thinking

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Writing longer reading responses can be an overwhelming task for young readers--well, for any readers!

When readers are given a clear path about how to stop and jot about their thinking as they read independently, they will easily be able to move into writing longer about their reading thinking.

As students stop and jot, they are staying actively engaged and monitoring their own comprehension.

As we scan their jots, we can see what is going on inside of their head while they are reading.

Now, that’s great, but how can we take it to another level to build a bigger picture of our readers.

We can have them write long off of their post its!

Okay…so what does that mean?

Writing long off of your jots is about synthesizing the details and showing your comprehension of the text.

Think about this.

If you have ever participated in a book study or book club as an adult, haven’t you analyzed your thoughts while you read to dig down to a deeper meaning of the text. You were truly synthesizing the text to dig out a message and the meaning to the characters’ actions in relation to big picture of the story. Right?!

We are asking students to begin developing this skill and strategy to build their comprehension.

When I have asked students to write long off of their post its, I wanted them to write about their reading.