Launch a Writers' Workshop That INSPIRES Student Writers

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Writers' Workshop can be intimidating to many. When you build a classroom community that embraces uniqueness, writers workshop will become a time when writers can express themselves freely.

Writers' workshop encompasses your minilesson, your independent writing and guided writing instruction. It’s just what it’s called…a workshop of budding writers working on improving their writing craft.

Just like

readers' workshop, writing is typically a 60-minute block of time: 10-14 minutes for minilesson, 40-45 minutes of conferring with readers during independent writing and guided writing groups, and a 5-minute share time at the end.

I've also seen classrooms that run writing workshop in a 45 minute time block where the independent writing and small group time is shortened to about 30 minutes. Both situations were highly successful. Anything less than that time is going to be difficult for students to have a minilesson and practice the work in their notebooks.

Building a Community of Writers

Just as we build a community of readers in reading we must do the same in Writing. We have to share the kind of writer we are so students will feel comfortable sharing about their writing lives.

Every teacher should keep their own writers notebook. When you share your personal work (and struggles) in writing, your little (or big) writers will be more willing to take risks!

They will see you as a writer and know they are not alone in the journey of improving their writing craft.

Launching Writer's Workshop