4 Reasons Why Shared Reading Should Happen In ALL Grade Levels EVERYDAY

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Shared Reading is not just for primary students!

Shared Reading is for ALL students at ALL grade levels!

All students in EVERY grade level should have opportunities to co-create meaning WITH the teacher.

And here's why...

Shared Reading should be part of the literacy block everyday!

It doesn't matter what grade level you teach. Readers are experiencing texts with increasing difficulty. We cannot just plop a text in front of them and say, 'go forth and read'.

Readers need experiences.

Readers need to see how proficient readers approach texts.

Readers need guidance through the increasingly difficult texts before independence is expected.

Shared Reading exposes children to different genres and text structures in a shared setting

When teachers select a text for shared reading the choices are based on student needs to better comprehend grade level appropriate texts. Choices should be based on literary elements, structures, devices, etc that are instructional requirements. A shared text does not have to be a full story or article. Shared reading texts could be a poem, or an excerpt from a longer piece of literature or article.