LITERACY ENGAGEMENT CHARTS: A Look At Creating Close Reading Experiences For ALL Readers

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Do you want your readers to understand how readers build comprehension?

Do you want your readers to revisit a text to strengthen comprehension and make interpretations?

Do you want to build a collection of books to return to throughout the school year during future minilessons?

Literacy Engagement Charts are the answer!

This shared literacy experience will build a bridge between the literal and inferential understandings about text for your readers. The concept of reading words and comprehending those same words can be a daunting task for readers of all ages.

Think about the last book that you read and how many times you had to go back and reread or look a word up because it was too complex for you—a proficient reader.

Reading and comprehension is an ongoing process because we, as readers, access texts that are more complex as we grow in our reading lives. If we didn’t, we would still be reading Dr. Seuss and Eve Bunting and the Nancy Drew Mystery series…

As proficient readers we understand the importance of revisiting a text for multiple purposes to build layers of meaning.

We revisit text to reread and clear up any confusions.
We revisit text to fill in any gaps in understanding and answer any questions we still have about the text.
We revisit text to dig deeper and build meaning beyond the surface.
We revisit text to support our interpretations.
Sometimes we revisit text because we just liked it so darned much the first time.

As a reader’s proficiency level increases, all of these reading proc