Reader's Theater: Collaboration, Reading, Thinking, Listening & Speaking

This past week I’ve had conversations with 3 different people about reading instruction and each time I leave the discussion with thoughts of Readers Theater.

I love Readers Theater!!

All three conversations…I like to call them ‘healthy discussions’…had me thinking about how appropriate this is for students of ALL ages.

Many teachers would say it’s just for primary students! I strongly and totally disagree!

Readers Theater is a great shared reading tool. Think of all the repeated readings for meaning and rereading for fluency to get the part “just right” and digging deeper into the text meaning to get the speaking part just the way it was intended by the author and let’s not forget just exposure to the study of the structure of the text.

So many benefits! Why wouldn’t every teacher include this in their Shared Reading rotation? Check out this previous blog post Shared Reading: Cocreating Meaning With Our Students.