How to Plan for Literacy Engagement Charts: A Look Across 5 Days

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

A Shared Literacy Experience

Intentional planning to create a Literacy Engagement Chart can frontload future reading minilessons.

Having a Literacy Engagement Chart will provide an anchor on which to hang new learning when the time comes during a minilesson, small group instruction or an individual conference.

Conducting a shared close reading experience using a Literacy Engagement Chart consists of an initial reading and several rereadings over the course of a week that ends with one final text visit in which all the work from the week culminates into final thoughts and interpretations of the text.

Putting Together a Literacy Engagement Chart

✅ Choose a text that your readers will be interested in and enjoy.

✅ Read the text before sharing with your students. As you read, think about what strategies and skills your readers will need to truly understand and comprehend the text.

✅ Decide what strategies and skills your readers need. Be intentional in what you want your readers to experience with this text.

✅ Choose the sections to include on your chart. Be thoughtful about what skills and strategies you need to frontload with your readers. You may wish to check out this list of possible sections to include on your Literacy Engagement Chart right here…

✅ Plan what you will do in each section. Sketch out what you will want your readers to gain from this text. Think about what reading work from the chart you will be able to revisit in future minilessons after the chart is completed. You may want to use this planning cheat sheet found in the Literacy Treasure FREE Resource Library right here…

✅ Create your chart. You may wish to do this one section at a time or create and label all sections on the chart so that your readers will know what is coming.

Grab your FREE Literacy Engagement Chart Planning Tool right here.