Easy To Use Literacy Tools Sure To Boost Authentic Student Reading Engagement

Updated: Jan 14

Readers need literacy tools to help guide them through the process of developing their reading comprehension skills into that of a proficient reader.

A Literacy Tool will break an abstract reading concept into smaller, more digestible chunks. With a Literacy Tool, the reading process will become a little easier for developing readers to understand and internalize the new reading strategy or skill. Readers will be better equipped to connect the reading process pieces together to build strong comprehension skills.

A Literacy Tool is a tangible item that readers can put their hands on as it guides them through the new reading learning.

A Reader's Toolkit should be created throughout the school year as readers are learning new strategies or skills to apply within their independent reading.

As a new reading strategy or skill is introduced, readers should be provided with a Literacy Tool that will guide them through the process of using that strategy or skill within their independent reading.

As readers use the strategy/skill specific Literacy Tool to guide their thinking within Independent Reading, they will begin to internalize the strategy/skill and will use it more automatically. The Literacy Tool will still be in their Reading Toolkit but they will be working on developing the automaticity of that strategy or skill.

Literacy Tools are not expensive purchases from a teachers' supply chain or computer programs that guarantee reading success. Literacy Tools are a variety of options that you can easily create!

✅Sometimes readers need questions or thinking stems.

✅Sometimes readers need an organizer to map out their thoughts.

✅Sometimes readers need a quick reference to the task like a mini anchor chart or shared reading experience.

✅Sometimes readers need a visual representation of the concept they are working on at the time.