Literacy Treasure Tip: Reading Tools for Making Connections Visible

Updated: Apr 29

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Making Connections

Think Sheets

Making relevant connections is part of every proficient reader’s strategy toolbox.

Connections help bring a reader closer to the text and stay authentically engaged as he/she builds and develops comprehension of that text.

Reading strategies are used concurrently within a proficient reader’s independent reading.

However, young readers working toward developing their own reading proficiency need time to practice a strategy and see how it works within their repertoire of reading strategies and skills.

When we draw young readers’ attention to a particular proficient reader strategy and make it VISIBLE, they are able to “see” how that strategy work helps them build an understanding of text they are reading.

Making Connections Think Sheets will help draw attention and make visible the proficient reader strategy of making RELEVANT connections.

Young readers working toward developing their own reading proficiency can use Making Connections Think Sheets to help make their connection making more VISIBLE.

The readers will be able to SEE how making relevant connections contributes to building the comprehension of a text

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Grab these Making Connections Think Sheets here...

They are also part of the Readers' Workshop Mega Bundle

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