Making Connections Visible for ALL Readers

Updated: Jan 14

Making Relevant Connections

Making relevant connections should be part of every proficient reader’s strategy toolkit.

Connections help bring a reader closer to the text and stay authentically engaged as he/she builds and develops comprehension of text.

When readers are making connections they are anchoring new knowledge onto prior knowledge. Readers need to see how new information connects to prior learning and understandings.

Making connections VISIBLE for your readers will help them stay authentically engaged while developing their comprehension.

When you help readers understand the different types of connections they will have while reading, they will become more aware of the inner conversation they are having with the text.

As your readers become aware of the inner conversation they are having with text, they become more actively engaged.

The more actively engaged a reader is while reading will only deepen their comprehension.

making connections bullseye graphic

Reading strategies are used concurrently within a proficient reader’s independent reading.

However, young readers working toward developing their own reading proficiency need time to practice a strategy and see how it works within their repertoire of reading strategies and skills.

Your readers need tools to help make reading strategies and skills more VISIBLE. Providing readers with charts or bookmarks showing the different types of text connections will give your readers a reference to which they can compare their reading thinking. Readers will be able to SEE the types of connections they are making to an independently read text.