Browse Connect Question: A Quick Prereading Strategy Minilesson To Actively Engage Your Readers

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

So just what is BCQ...




BCQ is a prereading strategy that makes the prereading process visible to readers.

This strategy can be introduced at the beginning of the school year during a Readers' Workshop launch and then revisited throughout the year as needed in small groups or with individual students. Sometimes the whole group will need a refresher as they start reading increasingly difficult texts.

BCQ: Browse Connect and Question seems like an obvious and unnecessary strategy to teach readers, but so many readers at all age groups and levels need to be reminded of this before they begin reading a book or even choosing a book.

Students will hastily begin reading a book without getting to know it first.

It's important for readers to see the reading process at work as they apply strategies within their self-selected texts. What seems obvious to a proficient reader isn't always 'clear as day' for developing readers.

Before students read a book they need to familiarize themselves with the text before getting started. I call it “getting the brain ready” for the text. This strategy takes about 5 minutes but it is important for students to prepare themselves for reading.

Readers need to get to know a text before they begin reading. This process helps the readers develop a purpose that will deepen their comprehension of the text.

There are 3 Key Teaching Points (or steps) in a BCQ minilesson:

  • Browse the text to look for what is familiar