How Building Student Reading Lives Can Show Growth & Progress

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Reading attitude is everything!

  1. Can you imagine going through life not wanting to read anything?

  2. Not wanting to learn more about your interests?

  3. Not wanting to escape into another world?

Sometimes, our kiddos just don't know what they are missing out on when they don't see themselves as readers.

Or just see reading as another chore or task they need to do in school.

Talk about AUTHENTIC assessment!

Imagine what you can learn about a reader by just listening to

what they read,

how they read,

why they read and

when and where they read.

It's so important for children to dive into their reading lives and explore how they see themselves as readers. I know, some of you are thinking, "how cheesy is this chic right now?" BUT hang on...I'm going somewhere with this.

You can start with something so simple! You may want your students to start by exploring why they read.

Grab a Snapshot of Your Readers

A quick and simple way to grab a snapshot of the readers in your classroom is right here....

are you ready?...

  1. Ask them why they read! Encourage them to be brutally honest!

  2. Have them jot their reason (or reasons) down on a little piece(s) of paper.

  3. Assemble them all together.

  4. Hold a discussion about the kinds of readers in the classroom