Building a Campus Wide Culture of Reading

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Do you want to establish a positive culture of reading on your entire campus?

Do you want your students to see each other as readers?

If your answer is YES, then it’s time to get everyone on board to explore their reading life and put it on display for all to see.

Here’s how you can do it in a few easy steps.


Print out this FREE downloadable infographic to help get you and everyone started.


Create your own reading life display. Share your reading life with others on your campus.


Encourage others to create their own reading life displays.

Get everyone onboard on your campus including

  • your grade level team

  • other grade level teams

  • principal

  • assistant principal

  • teacher’s aides

  • custodians

  • secretary

  • attendance clerk

  • nurse

  • cafeteria workers

  • everyone who works with children everyday


Take time before school starts to share your reading life with your colleagues. This would be a great icebreaker activity at the beginning of the year when everyone is gathering together on campus for the first meetings of the new school year. Think about how it would be a great way to get to know those that you have worked with for years and how you could get to know those brand-new staff members.


Decide how you will display your reading life for all students to see during the year. On your door, in the front foyer, outside of the office…the possibilities are endless.


Put it in your lesson plans for the first day of school. Share your reading life with your students and have them explore and create their own reading life displays. Decide how your students will display their reading lives. Check out this mini bundle of resources in my Teachers Pay Teachers store to help get you started.

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