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4 Easy Steps to IGNITE (or REignite) a Culture of Reading in Your Classroom

Updated: May 22, 2023

Readers change and evolve!

Every reader has a unique reading identity that evolves over time with their reading interests, reading habits and development as a reader.

It's important for readers to reflect on their reading identity several times through the course of a school year.

Beginning of the School Year

At the beginning of the year is crucial because this gives you, the teacher, an opportunity to get to know your students and your readers.

Middle of the School Year

Mid year is another great time to do some reading identity work because readers are changing and evolving from the moment they walk (or log in) to your classroom.

End of the School Year

The spring is an important time to have your readers reevaluate their reading identities as this time of school year is challenging because Spring Fever can run rampant inside classrooms!

Why Reading Identity Projects?

Whenever you have readers step back and take a look at themselves as readers and see how they have evolved over the course of the school year, reading progress is being made and your readers can make their growth more visible to you and everyone around them.

A reading identity project at the beginning of the year is really eye opening for you and your reader to see where he (or she) is right then.

If you don't have readers complete a reading identity project at the beginning of the year, it's can be done at any point within a school year.

There's always time for your readers to develop their reading identity, review it and then later reevaluate and revise.

It's an easy (and dare I say, fun) way to help readers see and understand their reading growth and progress.

Looking at reading identities will ignite or reignite the reading spark in your classroom!

Reading Identity Projects are about showing a reader's growth and progress. Reading Identity Projects show how a reader evolves over time.

How and Where Do I Start Reading Identity Projects?

Reading Identity Projects can be completed within a Reader's Notebook or created as a visual for public display to share with the class and across the campus if you choose.

Don't forget to create a Reading Identity Project for yourself to share with your readers.

It's a great way to connect or reconnect with your readers and allow them to show a little creativity at the beginning of the school year, the middle of the school year or at the end, especially during the stressful testing season.

Build your reading community by making the reading identity projects public!

📚 Display them in the classroom.

📚 Display them in the hallways.

📚 Display yours outside your classroom door!

📚 Encourage other teachers and administrators and staff members to create their reading identity projects to display for all your readers to see.

Make sure everyone can see the unique readers that live in your classroom!

What Steps Do I Take For Building Reading Identity Projects?

The 4 steps are simple in creating a Reading Identity Project.

The steps are versatile in creating a Reading Identity Project based on your learners and your own teaching style.

To grab this FREE printable, Sharing Your Reading Life, click the image. It will take you to Teachers Pay Teachers and where you can download it from my store.

Then, come back here and browse the gallery below to get ideas for your readers' Reading Identity projects.

Check out this gallery of different pieces of Reading Identity projects from over the years

Exploring reading identities could be just what readers need to get them prepared for showing what they know on that crazy state reading test.

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