5 Ways to Help Readers Find the RIGHT Book

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Readers gonna read!

But, sometimes, little readers (even big readers) will tell you they don't like to read, but that just means they haven't found the right book yet!

Quick little story...

First day of school in a fourth-grade classroom. The teacher is leaning up against the classroom library shelf chatting with her new students as they began settling into their new desks and cubbies. Everyone getting organized when this little guy walks into his new classroom, takes a look at the classroom library with baskets all labeled and covers facing forward and he looks at his new teacher and says "I hate to read!" She looked at him and smiled and watched as he made his way from the opposite end of the shelf and started pointing and reading all the labels on the baskets while repeating, "I don't like Magic Tree House Books. I don't like Rainforest books! I don't like Goosebumps books!..." and on and on and on until he finished reading all the basket labels except for the one the teacher was standing in front of. She initiated a conversation with him about what he DID like. Well, his answer was sports and his favorite player was Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys. She knew right then that divine intervention was happening right there. She reached right behind her into the library basket she was standing in front of and grabbed the biography of Emmitt Smith and said, "Hmmm, I guess you wouldn't like to read this book, would you?" His eyes widened and he looked at her and said "Well, maybe that one!" He just hadn't found the right book yet!

Independent choice is often not required in many schools and classrooms but it IS necessary!

Readers of all ages need books that meet their unique interests and unique needs.

When you are asking a reader to try out a new strategy or skill, it's just going to be easier for them to have-a-go in a book that meets their interests and needs. Readers are going to have a bigger purpose for trying the new strategy because they are reading a book of their own choice.

Readers need access to books!!

  • When I say access, I mean classroom libraries that have variety and volume!

  • When I say access, I mean books everywhere from which readers can choose.

  • When I say access, I mean ALL books available for reading, not tucked high up on a shelf just taunting little readers.

  • When I say access, I mean a school library that doesn't limit or censor what books can be chosen by students.

  • When I say access, I mean repeated visits to the school library.

  • When I say access, I mean showing readers how to access the public library.

How to Help Students Find The RIGHT Book

Have a Classroom Library Full of Books of Varying Levels and Interests