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Building Reading Stamina

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Building stamina in reading is important for young readers.

Much like building endurance as a walker or runner, young readers need to build their stamina to increase the amount of time they can sit and read for meaning.

The following items have provided my students with tools needed to track their time while reading in class and at home.

When using these tools, students will create a visual representation to show how their reading stamina grows.

Check out the photos below to see the different ways to approach Building Reading Stamina with your readers.

Teaching Points for Minilessons on Building Stamina & Endurance

  • Help your readers understand what building stamina and endurance looks like

  • Provide examples of building endurance, such as marathon runners, for your readers

  • Readers must know how to track their reading at all times (there's a math lesson in there)

  • Readers need to SEE how their stamina and endurance increases each time by using a graph to track minutes read

  • Readers must reflect on strategies they've used to build their reading stamina and endurance

  • Readers must learn how to set short term goals to help build their endurance

Possible Anchor Charts you can create...

Bookmarks and a graph can be used for readers to track their stamina in the Readers' Notebooks. Look at the possibilities...

Until next time...

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