Tackling the Reading Beast: Knowing WHAT to Teach and WHEN

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

So...what do my readers want now?

You want to get ahead of your readers and plan some lessons they will need in the immediate future.

You want to get ahead and determine what your readers will need and what they want to gain to improve themselves at reading and move closer to proficiency.

BUT...the reading standards are so broad and general and the reading process is a BEAST. Not to mention, the district's pacing guide is not unique to the group of readers you currently have sitting in your classroom.

You want to tackle the beast and meet your readers where they are which brings you to this question...

How do I know what to teach and when?

Let's tackle this reading beast!

First, you have to do an audit of what you have taught and the goals you have set for your group of readers.

Let's go back and think about what you've worked on in reading.

In Knowing When the Lesson is Sticky, I posed four points for knowing when one particular lesson is sticky...

  1. Observe

  2. Talk

  3. Student Work

  4. Use Exit Tickets