8 Reading Tools You MUST Use to Uncover Your Readers' NEEDS

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

When understanding what your readers need to gain, progress monitoring becomes a daily routine. You need a toolkit of progress monitoring tools at your disposal that is easy to use and gets the job done.

Progress monitoring reading progress isn’t determined by a multiple-choice test or a computerized assessment.

Determining a students’ reading progress is so much more than just numbers on a standardized reading test.

Determining a students’ reading progress is so much more than moving their student id# to the Meets Expectations or Exceeds Expectations category on a data wall or score report.

Determining a students’ reading progress is about...

  • knowing where the student is right now

  • setting a reasonable goal for improvement

  • engaging in specific instructional actions to work at achieving that goal.

When that goal is achieved, set another reasonable goal and the process starts over.

Your readers are giving you a myriad of data every day during independent reading, small group instruction and within those individual conferences.

  • Your readers are utilizing engagement tools such as think sheets, post-it notes and graphic organizers during independent reading on which they write quick responses and reactions to text.

  • Your readers have probably written longer responses to reading.

  • You have probably observed your readers as they engaged in independent reading work to determine their behaviors and attitudes towards reading.

  • You have conducted running records (formal and/or informal) for each of your readers. You listen to your readers read.

  • You listen to your readers engage in conversations and discussions about the text.

  • You track your readers’ levels in reading. While this is not important for your readers to know, you probably keep a tracking chart to see how their reading level increases over time.

  • You are conferring with your readers about strategies and skills and how they are applying those within their independent reading.