HOW and WHY You Should Be Using Exit Tickets Every Day

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Exit Tickets How and Why You Should Use Them Every Day

Today's tip is a common strategy that most educators already know...EXIT TICKETS!

An exit ticket is a quick way to test the pulse of the group & assess the day's learning.

When students take their learning and synthesize it down into one short response or visual image, they are thinking critically and analytically to evaluate the day's work.

When students must scour through their notebook work from the lesson and decide which part best showcases their personal understanding and learning of the content topic, strategy or skill, they are thinking at a higher level. Students must evaluate and analyze their own work before making the decision of what piece of the work best showcases their learning.

Differentiation; Differentiated Exit Ticket

Exit tickets can also provide a level of differentiation because the prompting can be personalized and differentiated for students.

This quick exit ticket response will provide the teacher with great insight into the child’s understanding and comprehension of the concept, strategy or skill being learned.

When a teacher takes exit slips at the end of a lesson, he/she can quickly assess how the learning went that day. This classroom data will inform the next day's instruction.

Take a look at this little gem to guide your thinking about exit tickets.

Grab this FREE little tool that lines up specific actions and questions to help you quickly tackle assessing your students' exit tickets. Then, keep reading for exit ticket ideas to use right away!