Creating Reader Profiles to Set Reasonable Goals With Your Readers

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Students should see their growth without THAT test score clouding their vision!

You know the test scores I'm talking about...the standardized kind. Or could it be that computer generated one that district has invested in. Or could it be that program that guarantees to get kids reading.

Test scores aren’t the complete picture of a reader and a writer.

Standardized scores should not define a reader's growth and progress.

Within the education world the word--data--can be so blinding.

However…as like-minded teaching professionals, we all know it’s important to profile your readers using data. BUT...the right kind of 'data'.

Data that is found within a reader's authentic reading work.

Assessing a reader’s progress and tracking their growth means getting to know your readers. AND readers seeing themselves as readers.

Reading Profiles

You already have the 'data' for you and your readers to see. You just have to find it and assemble it.

Readers need to see where they have been and how far they have come.

You should create a reader profile.

So, just what is a reader profile?