Books You MUST Read in December for Deeper Meaning

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

December can be a very challenging month to teach in!

Are you ready to keep your students' literacy learning journey moving during the month of December?

Things can get a little crazy during this time of the school year. Everyone is so excited about the upcoming holiday and activities can overtake instructional time if you're not careful.

Here are some books that will keep you going and not just reading about Santa and the Grinch. :)

Check out these holiday books that you MUST READ this December and incorporate into your authentic literacy instruction before the upcoming break.

Holiday books can be so much more than Santa Claus and elves and presents...

These books have a deeper message that goes beyond the holidays, pretty packages and festive decorations.

When you dive into books that are set during the month of December, there is always a common thread BEYOND the setting of Christmas, cold weather and holiday festivities. There is always a deeper message! Challenge your readers to find them!

Share one, some or all of these books with your students and see what messages you all can find within the text. (If you only choose one book to read, please make it Night Tree by Eve Bunting. I love its message!) Keep scrolling after browsing the books to see teaching points to use with any or all of these books with your students.

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Night Tree by Eve Bunting

Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto