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Easy-to-Use Read Aloud With Accountable Talk Planner

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Read Aloud Planning Tool

Read Aloud with Accountable Talk Planner

Intentional Read Aloud Planning Graphic

Read Aloud with Accountable Talk provides time to model what proficient readers and writers do. This time each day will frontload the skills and strategies you want your students to attain.

Be intentional with your planning. All good read alouds provide times for the teacher think aloud, for students to turn & talk, stop & jot or stop & sketch.

This planner page helps you plan intentional stopping points throughout the text that will help your students become better readers, writers and thinkers.

This freebie includes an overview of Read Aloud and the kinds of stopping points you should plan within your read aloud.

There is also a simple rubric to use to assess how your students are thinking and discussing texts during read aloud along with a page of thinking stems. How great is that?!

Grab this Read Aloud Planner now... Just click in the boxes below and I will email it to you right away!

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