4 Easy Steps to Plan Read Alouds That Will Frontload Your Instruction

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Do we expect our students to go forth and read increasingly complex texts with little or no guidance? Of course, not!

Learning to read and comprehend is like driving a car, right?

How can we expect students to independently use what we have not modeled, shared and guided them through?

Before I got my driver’s license, I went through the process of learning to drive. My parents didn’t just throw me in the driver’s seat, watch me back out of the driveway and say go forth and learn to drive! That would be crazy dangerous!

Driving a car was a learning process just like reading! There was modeling for me, sharing experiences and guided experiences before ever expecting me to independently drive out of the driveway!


✅ First, I spent much time as a passenger watching licensed drivers drive all my life.

✅ I asked questions and had conversations with them about different driving situations.

Shared Experience

✅ Then, I was able to drive down the driveway to check the mail—with dad in the passenger’s seat, of course.

✅ I’ll never forget when my mom stopped on the back-country road between my grandma’s house and ours and let me slide into the driver’s seat to take us home.

Direct Instruction

✅ Soon after, Driver’s Ed class came and I simulated different driving conditions before being put in a car.