Student Created Academic Vocabulary Review & Learning Logs

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Student-Created Academic Vocabulary Review and Learning Log

The Student Created Alphaboxes Template can be used for a variety of instructional activities.

When students are invited to take part in creating visible images to represent their learning, they are working at a higher level of thinking.

This visible processing of learning will provide the teacher with a solid understanding of how each student has internalized the concepts and/or skills being learned.

8x8 Alphaboxes Cover

Go and pick it up Teachers Pay Teachers. Just click on the cover to the left.

The Student Created Alphaboxes Template product can be used for…

Creating a Vocabulary Notebook of each concept/skill being taught

The template can be used for each unit of study taught throughout the school year. Students will keep an illustrated vocabulary notebook of each concept/skill taught within the subject area.

Reviewing vocabulary for content area studies