Literacy Treasure Tip Thursday: Two Word Strategy

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

It's for a Literacy Nugget straight from the Literacy Treasure Chest.

Treasure tips are a tip, strategy, product or anything that will make your literacy teaching life easier and more productive.

Today's Treasure tip is....

Two Word Strategy

This strategy is taken right from Linda Hoyt's Revisit, Reflect, Retell: Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension

If you do not have access to this resource from Linda Hoyt, you should look into locating it within your school district or through professional book retailers.

Linda Hoyt includes practical strategies to use with students while reading fiction and nonfiction. Her strategies are all easy to use and ready to go! Keep reading for ideas and inspiration AND the freebie download below.

Two Word Strategy can be used in a variety of ways. It's so easy and versatile to use right there on the spot!

When Do I Use It?

  • After a read aloud

  • During a content area unit of study

  • At the End of the Year Celebration

  • On the first day of school (at the end of the day)

  • As an exit slip

  • And...

  • And...

  • And...the possibilities are endless

How Do I Use It?

  • Have the handy little FREE printable on hand (see link below)

  • Use index cards

  • Use post it notes

  • Use Readers' Notebooks.

How Can I Use Two Word Strategy

Following are a few (of many) examples of how Linda Hoyt's Two Word Strategy has been used over the years. These are not the only ways to use this strategy, just a few to get your ideas flowing.

Don't forget to go grab this freebie download . Just click on the picture...

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