Reading, Writing & Social Studies:  The Integration Question

Updated: May 6, 2020

Time for literacy instruction is always a struggle. We want more than we can have. If I could, I would teach Reading and Writing all day long every day. Who needs Math and Science, right? Okay, okay…you know I’m just kidding! Back on topic…

Time is always an issue. We want more time to make sure we can teach our little people to be avid readers and writers. We want to put them on the right path, so that they can continue to develop their literacy growth. BUT, there just never seems to be enough time. I’ve heard many teachers struggling with how to integrate Social Studies.

More about object posters here

Two Struggles of Classroom Teachers Everywhere...

ONE: “I’ve been told that I have to integrate Social Studies into my Literacy block. How can I integrate Social Studies into my Literacy block?”

TWO: “I need more time for Literacy instruction in my classroom. Where can I find the time?”

There is so much literacy that can be taught within the Social Studies block. Let's think about it...

  1. Social Studies is just an extension of the Literacy block.

  2. History is a nonfiction narrative (literary nonfiction).

  3. It’s the STORY of our past.

  4. There are characters, plot lines and resolutions. (Read more about the object poster activity seen here)

The Answer to Both Struggles...

...teach more literacy during Social Studies!