Following The Reflective Teacher Path

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Want some guidance to become more reflective and follow the Reflective Teacher path?

Looking to nurture your professional growth?

Start a teacher reflection journal.

Being self-reflective will help you establish professional goals and keep you on track in meeting those goals.

At the end of the year...

  • Teachers are ready to decompress.

  • Teachers are ready to relax and rejuvenate without all the pressures of #TheTeacherLife weighing on their exhausted shoulders.

  • Teachers want to just sit back and wait for the new year to approach before even thinking about kids, lesson plans, classroom design……

HA!! We all know that is not even remotely true!

Yes, it’s important to relax after the year ends

Yes, it’s important to rejuvenate after the year ends

Yes, it’s important to decompress and relieve the stress that the school year brought on


Teachers think about school, their future students, instruction and classroom design


Teachers are naturally reflective and forward thinking. Let’s face it…

You can’t see a children’s book and not think about how you can use it in