The PERFECT Plan for Carving A Path To Be A More Reflective Teacher

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

I can't tell you how important being reflective is to your professional growth.

Without my like-minded teacher friends and reflecting on our instruction, we would not have grown and our learners would not have benefited. Being reflective is not only of benefit to you but it directly impacts your learners. When you take charge of your professional growth to extend your knowledge as an educator, your learners will show greater achievements because you are engaging them in the freshest instructional ideas that will nudge their learning further ahead.

It is always the PERFECT time to ask yourself,

Do I reflect regularly on my instruction and professional growth?

Do I make my professional goals and action steps visible?

How can I directly impact my learners' achievement?

Start thinking reflectively right now. Which one below best describes you...

  1. WHEW...When will this craziness end?

  2. I just want to see my kids because building relationships is super important!

  3. I need a structured normal routine!

  4. WOW! I stepped out of my comfort zone and learned! Now what?

Any time is PERFECT to make the decision to be more reflective and take control of your own professional growth. HA! We all know the #TeacherLife!

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