The PERFECT Plan for Carving A Path To Be A More Reflective Teacher

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

It's time for another Treasure Tip straight from the Literacy Treasure Chest.

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Today's Treasure Tip is...

The Reflective Teacher

I can't tell you how important being reflective is to your professional growth.

Without my like-minded teacher friends and reflecting about our instruction, we would not have grown and our children would not have benefited.

It's always the PERFECT time to ask yourself,

Do I reflect regularly on my instruction and professional growth?

Do I make my professional goals and action steps visible?

Now is the PERFECT time to set up a Reflective Teacher Journal to guide your reflective teacher journey.

Any time is PERFECT to make the decision to be more reflective and take control of your own professional growth.

HA! We all know the #TeacherLife!

Teachers think about



instruction and



We are naturally reflective about our teaching philosophies and teaching style and how we can make our classrooms better. We can’t see a basket in Target without thinking about how we could use it in the classroom. Or a notebook, or a folder or a set of colored pens or… Is that just me? I hope not!

My path to being a reflective teacher started in a conversation circle of like-minded professional educators.

We would gather at the end of the school day in the hallway or at a table in one of our classrooms to decompress from the day in a natural, authentic, open and honest way.

The reflective teacher talk just flowed.

It was natural.

It was authentic!

It was open and honest!

From this natural, open talk, we developed spectacular grade-level projects, helped each other through classroom struggles and worked out plans to make the next day’s lessons better.

We pushed each other to reach our professional goals!

It was all in the spirit of improving ourselves as educators and improving the achievements of our students!

The individuals in that conversation circle had similar goals—to grow professionally, increase student motivation and improve student achievement.

What better way to meet all of those goals, than with daily written reflections.

My challenge to you is this…Find one or two like-minded professionals that want to grow their teaching craft. Take the Reflective Teacher journey together.

Ask yourself:

Do I make my professional goals and action steps visible?

Do I reflect regularly on my instruction and professional growth?”

Maybe it’s time to set up a Reflective Teacher Journal to guide you on your teaching journey.

Now is the time to reflect and make some decisions about how you want to grow professionally.

Now is the time to write it down and start documenting your Reflective Teacher journey!

Grab a notebook and start documenting your teaching career. Any old notebook will do.

Do you want a little guidance in recording your reflections?

Do you want to be reflective but don't have a lot of time...I know...we are all teachers here...we understand!

Create a journal that you visit for about 10 minutes each day to reflect on the day's experiences and document your thoughts.

Try out this resource to get you started on The Reflective Teacher path.

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