Reflective Thinking IS A Self Care Strategy

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Teachers all over the world have created learning experiences for their students (& parents) to do at home.

Whether it's in the classroom, all digital or packets to work on at home, teachers have stepped up and shown the world they are...


Not only are you showing the world that you can take very little time and very limited resources to create learning experiences for your students, but you are showing the whole world what an indispensable resource teachers actually are!

Now, let's be real! All the above is true, but...

The whole world doesn't see that you are working overtime in stress stricken mode with limited resources and worried about how you're going to meet the needs of every one of your students academically, socially and emotionally.

That weight can take a toll on whoever is doing that work.

  • The world doesn't see the sacrifices you are making behind the scenes.

  • The world doesn't see the emotional torment you are feeling by not seeing your students every day.

  • The world doesn't see the amount of time you spend each day making sure that each of your students does not fall behind.

  • The world doesn't see that you put your children's needs before your own.

Teachers must practice self-care!

Take it from a teacher that learned the hard way. Long story short...I put everyone's needs before my own. I had a full-time classroom. I taught a night class 2 nights a week. I provided professional development for teachers in my district and other districts. OH...and I have a husband and two children (who were very young at that time)

Reflective Thinking IS Self-Care