What All Readers Need to Become MOTIVATED, ENGAGED & ANALYTICAL

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

You want your readers to become more MOTIVATED, ENGAGED & ANALYTICAL.

That's your end goal, right?

I hear you!

You talk to your readers, you observe your readers and look over your readers' independent reading responses.

I hear you!

You know the reading standards because you've studied them, unpacked them and applied them to everything that you're doing in the classroom. BUT...the standards are so broad and don't really get into the specifics of what proficient readers need.

I hear you!

You have a bigger end goal. You know you want to help your readers become REAL READERS and not just those readers that are compliant and only have what they need to pass the standardized reading test.

I hear you!

The Problem Is...

You want your readers to become motivated, engaged and analytical readers, but there are some (or ALL) of these obstacles blocking your way...

  • Knowing what reading minilessons to teach your readers

  • Knowing the right time to teach certain strategies and skills that your readers need

  • Knowing how to teach the strategies and skills that your readers need