Crafting the PERFECT Minilesson

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Crafting the PERFECT Minilesson

Reading and Writing Workshops each begin daily with a minilesson.

Crafting the perfect minilesson must be intentional, purposeful and well planned.

The perfect minilesson is no longer than 10-14 minutes.

The perfect minilesson uses authentic text!

The perfect minilesson guides students in actively engaging in the work!

The perfect minilesson provides students with a literacy tool!

The perfect minilesson for provides practice with using a literacy tool!

So many teachers have asked...

Is 10-14 minutes REALLY enough time?

YES! It is!

The purpose of a minilesson is to teach ONE THING. Through the minilesson students are taught ONE new strategy or skill. Within this time, the teacher models, gathers information, gives information and nudges students to actively have-a-go with the new piece of learning. The minilesson ends with a link to students' independent work. Independent workshop time is a continuation of the minilesson.