10 TRICKS Teachers NEED To Start The NEW YEAR

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The start of a new year comes with a reflective state of mind.

You think back over the past year.

You make resolutions about how you will make yourself better!

Teachers in the new year...SCARY!

Teachers, who are naturally reflective, go into self-reflection overload… Or, is that just me?

Personal story alert.... :)

I just finished a phone call with a great friend of mine who is also a teacher. As always, our conversations start with family talk, move into the problems of the world and always…always inch toward education, instruction and the classroom. So, after we got caught up with what is going on in our families and solved the world’s problems (we always solve it!), we moved to education, instruction and the classroom.

This time we reminisced about how we must have been spoiled when we started our teaching careers and remained spoiled for our 20+ years because we were always surrounded by teachers who went above and beyond to learn and grow their teaching craft. What special relationships we developed with fellow educators who wanted to learn and grow their teaching craft!

Which brings me back to self-reflection and the new year… My dream team of colleagues that I have always worked with had conversations about the following things each year we were together in our effort to self-reflect, refresh our instruction and start things fresh each new year.

Hopefully, the following suggestions will help you reflect on the new year ahead and organize a fresh start this year for you and your students.


that will change the way

you start


Some of these little tricks may seem silly and ridiculous but they always worked for me! Even if the changes were just the littlest thing. Little changes can create a