SIMPLE Planning for the PERFECT Family Literacy Night

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

A successful literacy night for parents cannot just be thrown together a week before it happens.

The purpose of a Family Literacy Night for is to provide important information about children’s literacy development and share research-based strategies that can be easily be implemented by parents at home with ANY piece of text.

Planning a successful literacy night for parents that meets the purpose and provides families with strategies to use at home can be overwhelming. However, if you have a checklist and an eager group to take on different responsibilities, the planning can be easy! I'm here to show you a quick checklist for planning your Family Literacy Night.

Keep reading then grab your free Family Literacy Night Planning Tool here. Printable resources to keep your Family Literacy Night Planning organized.

Let's outline the steps to planning the PERFECT Family Literacy Night...


Organize a Planning Committee

Create a Family Literacy Night Planning Committee to gather ideas about strategies to share with parents and “shop” for a tool for every parent to take away from each strategy station or booth.

The shopping could mean that you buy certain items, such as bookmarks, books, pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. BUT…it could mean that you create strategy tools to print and prepare at school using the supplies already available.


Where, When and How

Plan the general information—date, time, where, theme and layout plan for the night. After setting a date and time for the literacy night, the organization begins.

You will want to have at least a month’s advance notice, so that advertising, purchasing and preparing supplies won’t become an added stressor to the teachers’ already packed schedules.