First Day of School Lesson Plan for Language Arts

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

First Day of School

Lesson Plan with Activities

for Language Arts

The first day of school is SO busy! The days leading up to the first day are filled with preparing the classroom and meetings. I want to take one thing off of your full plate...First Day of School Lesson Plans for your Language Arts Block.

This First Day of School Activity Pack for your Language Arts Block will have you and your students ready for the year.

At the end of the first day, you will have pieces of student work to create student banners that can hang in your classroom or in the hallway. The Student Banner incorporates activities from throughout the day--All About Me, My Reading Life, and My Writing Purpose.

Student My Reading and Writing Life Banner

Student All About Me Banner

Read about the printables and the steps for creating this student banner below.

The first day of school is full of Read Alouds, discussing and practicing expectations and procedures, as well as, getting to know your new group of students.

My lesson plan for the first day of school was really a To Do list and schedule of events because let's face it, the first day of school does not follow a traditional lesson plan format.

Every first day of school should have a quick and easy task for students to do once they enter the room because you will be busy welcoming all the students at the door. This could be puzzles, books to browse, or unpacking supplies. It could be anything based on your teaching style and the level of activity you are comfortable with on the first day.

Once every student is in it's time for a Welcome and Introduction of yourself, as well as, a tour of the classroom. I always had a short bio of myself and a few pictures to help students get to know a little about me.

Of course, the expectations and procedures must be addressed and then weaved throughout the rest of the day as practice. It all comes down to discussing the expectations necessary in a solid Learning Community like ours. We would chart what a learning community looked like, sounded like and felt like.

Now onto the FUN stuff... the getting to know each other activities. I always wanted to get to know my students but a big part of my first day was for students to begin taking ownership of their new learning community.