8 Key Points for Teaching Readers How to Monitor Comprehension

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

All readers need to understand the processes occurring in their brains as they read text.

Monitoring comprehension is difficult for young readers. They are not aware of all the things going on in their heads while they are reading. Readers need to be able to spot the signals that show when meaning is breaking down.

The intention of a study into monitoring comprehension is to help readers monitor their own reading to make sure they are understanding. Monitoring comprehension is all about understanding the signals that show the reader meaning is breaking down.

It's important to address common problems that students have as they read for longer periods of time and read longer texts.

✅ Readers need to be able to recognize signals that their meaning is breaking down.

✅ Readers need strategies and tools to help them get back on track.

Key Teaching Points for a Study Into Monitoring Comprehension...

✅Monitoring my comprehension

Readers need to understand just what comprehension means.

They need to know that the voice in their head while they are reading will give signals when meaning is breaking down.