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Skyrocket Your Students’ Thinking By Creating Authentic Literacy Experiences

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

~~Are you ready to dive into the heads of the readers in your classroom?

~~Are you looking to lose the boring reading worksheets and passages?

~Are you looking for more authentic literacy experiences for your students?

Creating authentic literacy experiences can SKYROCKET your students’ thinking!!

And bonus...each authentic task will provide you with valuable information to better tailor your literacy instruction to meet the needs of your readers!

Why are Authentic Literacy Tasks and Experiences So Important

When students actively engage in authentic literacy experiences, they will automatically excel at those standardized tests that education leaders are so apt at giving to all students in America!

Sure…I wanted my students to perform well on THOSE tests, but more importantly, I wanted my students to be well-rounded citizens that could think for themselves.

Students are gently forced to apply their learning and stretch their thinking.

Authentic literacy tasks nudge students into a learning zone where they are working and using the comprehension strategies they need to understand…well… real life…forever!

How Do I Create An Authentic Literacy Task

When planning literacy, it's important to think about how you will nudge your students outside of the "recall and recognition" thinking box to create authentic literacy experiences and tasks that meet the required standards.

As we examine the standards and create expectations for the literacy learning, we can ask ourselves a few questions and take our planned tasks through a checklist.

Until next time...

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