Lifesaving Items for Reading and Writing Workshop

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Read on to find out

The Lifesaving Products You Need To Buy For Your Reading and Writing Workshop and a few free ones too.

Reading and Writing Workshop move fast! It’s a fact! Have you ever started workshop in the classroom and then looked at the clock and time was up? I know, right! Fast!!

Workshop. Moves. Fast.

Teachers must be organized. Students must be organized. Let’s face it…most students don’t know how to independently stay organized, so we must give them a little push. It’s a learned skill.

I’ve never started a school year without these 5 items. If my campus did not provide money for these items, —okay, they never did—I considered it money well spent. It organized my workshops from the beginning and kept me (and my students) from going insane.

Here are MY lifesaving items to buy for Reading and Writing Workshop. After reading about the items, don't forget to see the Amazon shopping list I've created for you below.

Cardboard magazine file boxes