Twelve Ways Teachers Can Build Lifelong Endurance and Enthusiasm for Reading

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Do you want to help build your young readers' endurance and enthusiasm for reading?

Do you want your students to read for their own authentic and self-selected purposes?

Do you want your young readers to choose to read on their own?

Check out these twelve ways to help build your young readers' reading lives and develop their endurance and enthusiasm for reading.

The kind of reader I am and the kind of reader I want to become


Know Your Readers

Get to know your readers. Talk to them about what they read. Talk them about their hobbies and interests. Talk to them about what they do when they are not in school. Utilize a reading interest survey. Have students explore their own reading lives.


Establish a Reading Life

Take time to share your reading life. Provide time for students to establish and share their own reading lives with the class. Students need to dig into the kinds of readers they are and the readers they want to become. They need to go public with what kinds of books they read and what interests they have.


Curate a Classroom Library