Small Group Instruction Pt 3: How to Be Thoughtful and Intentional When Planning for Small Group

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Intentional Small Group Planning

  1. You've set up routines and procedures for Independent Work.

  2. You've mapped out a plan for meeting with groups and individual students through the week.

  3. Now, what do you do with the group when they are sitting at your table?

Framing a word in guided reading
Guided Reading Student Work

Intentionally plan to meet readers’ needs during
workshop and small group instruction

Picture this…

You’ve made your plan for meeting students to ensure that you have face to face time with each student in the classroom this week.

You’ve pulled your students to the small group table. They are looking at you and you are looking back at them. Now what?

You’re thinking…How do I make the most of this time with my students?

Thoughtful and intentional planning! Planning for Small Group Instruction can go two ways: