Small Group Instruction Pt 2:  How to Map out Conferences and Small Group Meetings for the Week

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Small Group Instruction Mapping Out Conferences and Small Group Meetings

Part ONE was all about setting up your classroom environment and structure to better accommodate small group instruction.

Small group instruction is not just about the small group at the table with the teacher, it's also about what the other students are doing.

When your classroom community is established with routines and structures to support independent work, your small group will run smoother and hopefully uninterrupted. Which brings us to...

Structure of Readers Workshop Visual Representation


Thoughtfully map out your small group meetings and conferences

each day (each week)

Picture this…

You’ve just finished the minilesson for workshop and you have sent students out to work independently. Everyone is moving to their cozy reading spots with their book boxes and settling into their reading work.

Now what? Easy answer, right...