Give Valuable Feedback That Will Grow and Develop Young Writers

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Feedback!! Writing feedback!! Feedback in writing is important. Feedback can help to scaffold a young writer and lead them on a path to developing their writing style.

Giving feedback is the part of Writers Workshop that I was most uncomfortable with because giving the right feedback to help grow the writer that wouldn’t stifle their creativity and style was stressful to me.

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy teaching writing. In fact, I Love teaching writing. I’ve learned a lot about myself as a writer while teaching my students writing strategies and techniques.

However, the stress from giving feedback takes me back to my days as a young student in school.

I didn’t receive much positive feedback about my content and my writing style. There were many “writing” experiences throughout my 12 years of school. Two times, in particular, stand out to me.

Get ready it’s a flashback alert, so that you will know where I’m coming from...

In fourth grade, a long time ago, I had to write an essay that would be put on the bulletin board for Open House. I don’t even remember the topic, just the comments my teacher had for my mom. She told my mom my essay was good but there was an issue…uh-oh…my lower case ‘I’ was dotted with a small circle and that’s just not how you do it.

Fast forward to my senior English class. My teacher was engaging, but tough. I dreaded his class when I was in school. In his class, we had to write critical essays about Shakespeare, Chaucer and many others. Number one: it was expected that I already knew how to write a critical literary response. I don’t remember ever doing a ditto sheet about that…she said sarcastically. Number two: Grammar and usage was what he graded for. When I received my papers back, there was feedback but not the kind that helped me shape and craft my literary response writing or any other writing for th