Tackle Written Reading Responses Like a PRO

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

When readers write about their reading in analytical response, they leave a gold mine of information.

Readers leave their “reading thinking brains” right there on the paper for all to see.

It’s a great window into your readers’ brains.

Make the most of every one of those written reading response moments. This is where you will be able to see HOW your readers think about and process text.

When it comes to writing about reading, your readers are putting it all on the line. They are using their written communications skill to articulate their reading thinking.

That’s a big tall order!

Using A Written Reading Response Rubric

Readers need to know what they are up against when it comes to formulating written reading responses. They need to know what is expected. Why not share the grading rubric! Let your readers see where their written reading response falls on a rubric.

Help your readers understand each category leading up to their first big written reading response.

Most scoring rubrics include several different categories, such as...

✔ Focus

  • Did the reader address and complete all parts of the task (prompt or question)?

✔ Organ