4 Word Wall Activities To Do Every Week

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The possibilities are endless. These could range from word families, word chunks and word ending studies within the context of reading.

Word ladders could be created using the words on the word wall.

Daily repetition and quick game like activities will engage students in repeatedly and authentically working on spelling and reading the words. Again…the possibilities are endless.

Some of my favorites for daily repetition and practice are listed below. These activities always became student favorites. Now, these are not MY ideas, I've included where they came from below.

Be A Mind Reader

(Patricia Cunningham, Phonics They Use, 4th edition, page 79)

Using the word wall pictured here, put yourself in the role of the student. As you read each clue below, notice how you are scanning and reading all of the words multiple times. Imagine your students when you are giving clues one at a time. They will be scanning, reading and rereading those words with each clue given.

Teacher gives clues one a time providing appropriate wait time in between for students to write down their word choice:

Clue 1: I’m thinking of a word on the word wall.

Clue 2: It has one syllable.

Clue 3: It is a purple word.

Clue 4: It is a homophone.

Clue 5: It rhymes with could.

Clue 1: I’m thinking of a word on the word wall.

Clue 2: It has 5 letters.

Clue 3: It is a homophone.

Clue 4: It is a verb.

Clue 5: It belongs in this sentence: Mary will _______ her essay today.