5 Sections EVERY Reader's Notebook Should Have

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

In another post, Reader's Notebook: How to Set Up This Powerful Tool, I said...

The Reader's Notebook can be the most powerful instructional tool within the classroom. The Reader's Notebook is the place in which readers can see themselves as readers and watch as they progress and grow.

When readers begin to see how their reading strategy use is changing they can see the progress they are making...no matter what level they are at!

It's so important to use this tool daily to document reading work and progress, as well as, reflect on progress throughout the school year.

The Reader's Notebook is so much more than a place to complete independent reading activities and tasks. It's an instructional tool that you and the student can use together to see how the reader has changed, developed and progressed throughout the year.

So...just what all goes in the Reader's Notebook?

Here it goes...

  1. Reading Identity

  2. Reading List or Personal Bookshelf

  3. Reading Goals

  4. Minilesson Work

  5. Independent Reading Work

AND...of course, with all of this, is ongoing reflection and personal progress tracking.

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